Slow Motion

Take a Nap

The line designed to support the circadian rhythms that regulate our organism, thereby obtaining the greatest possible benefit from the cosmetic products, acting when the skin and scalp are more predisposed to receive them.

Slow motion

Beauty Cuddles

The line for taking care of your beauty needs from home as well as in the salon: products with an intensive action obtained during application time. True pampering to enjoy in a dimension of relaxation.

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Waterless Beauty

The Sinesia line that takes care of your beauty and that of the planet. A powder shampoo in sustainable packaging, which guarantees concentrated action and therefore a greater number of applications than a traditional product.

Slow Motion

Biotic Formulas

The Sinesia line for balancing the microbiota, the set of microorganisms that populate the skin and scalp and are responsible for their health: pre- and post-biotic treatments for properly hydrated skin that is free from impurities.

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Super Drops

The line of booster products. Designed to be used alone on the face or hair, or mixed with creams or masks, to enhance their specific action.

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Save the color

Sinesia Save the Color is the line that takes care of color intensity and brightness with highly biodegradable formulas with up to 99% natural origin ingredients.

Toning products that neutralise undesired reflects and brighten up color offer looks that are always trendy, sophisticated and long-lasting, combining performance on hair with the best results in sustainability.

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Cool Beauty

Sinesia is a line that develops from the concept of cold emulsions in view of sustainability for a beauty routine that suits every need, through a selection of delicate formulas that provide long-lasting freshness, protection and hydration.


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