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    1.1 These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter “General Terms and Conditions of Use”) govern the access to and use by visitors and/or users (hereinafter individually “User”, jointly “Users”) of the website with the domain name https://sinesia.test/ including all sections and areas reserved for registered Users of the same (hereinafter “website”).

    1.2 The website is the property of AGF88 Holding S.r.l. – VAT CODE 02165070281 (hereinafter “Owner”), which is also the owner of the domain name.

    1.3 The Website has been granted in management and exclusive use to Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A. S.B., with registered office in via del Palù, 7/D, 35018 – San Martino di Lupari (PD), VAT CODE 04937500280 (hereinafter referred to as “Pettenon”).

    1.4 For any request for clarification, assistance, report and/or complaint concerning these General Terms and Conditions of Use and/or the Site, the User may contact Pettenon at the addresses indicated above or by sending an e-mail to



    2.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Use govern the access to and use of the Website, including the display of the relevant web pages. By accessing and using the Website itself, the User represents that it knows and accepts without limitation these General Terms and Conditions of Use; therefore, the User is advised to read the General Terms and Conditions of Use before starting to use the Website, including its web pages, or even if it is directed to the Website from another source (such as an Internet search engine, a third-party website and/or social network).

    2.2 If, on the other hand, the User does not wish to accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use, it will not be able to use the Website.



    3.1 Access to and use of the Website, including the display of the web pages, are intended only for Users aged 18 years or over. By using the Website and/or the Platform, the User represents and warrants that they are of legal age and that they have the legal capacity required by law to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use and undertakes to comply with their provisions.

    3.2 By using and browsing the Website, the User agrees not to:

    (i) disseminate content that is insulting, unauthorised, libellous, violates privacy or image rights, incites violence or racial or ethnic hatred;

    (ii) publish promotional or advertising content;

    (iii) engage in unlawful activities, including but not limited to infringing the rights of software, trademarks, photographs, images, text, videos, etc.

    3.3 The User may register on the Website through the “Reserved Area” service. For further information, the User is invited to read the Terms and Conditions of Subscription to the My Account service at the following link https://sinesia.test/en/conditions-of-registration-to-the-sinesia-reserved-area/.

    3.4 The services rendered by the Website must not under any circumstances be used in such a way as to cause interruptions, damage or malfunctions to the Website and/or the Platform itself and their functionality, nor to commit unlawful acts or in any way contrary to the law. Pettenon reserves the right to prevent access to the Website, to suspend or close the User’s account and to remove or modify the contents of the Website in the event of violation of legal provisions, these General Terms and Conditions of Use and any other applicable information and policies.



    4.1 Browsing the Website is free, access is free and registration for the “Reserved Area” service is optional. The User is the one and only person responsible for the non-compliant use of the Website, with respect to the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the laws in force, as well as with respect to the contents in any way displayed, consulted, duplicated, copied, downloaded, inserted, etc. through the Site; this is without prejudice to Pettenon’s liability for fraud or gross negligence. The User shall then indemnify Pettenon for any loss or damage suffered as a result of breach of any of the conditions set out in this section.

    4.2 Pettenon has adopted adequate technical and organisational measures to safeguard the security of the services provided, also in order to avoid risks to the personal data processed (on this last point, please refer to the information provided by

    in the Privacy Policy at https://sinesia.test/en/privacy-policy/). In addition, measures are in place to ensure that the content of the Website is accurate and does not contain incorrect or outdated information. However, Pettenon assumes no responsibility towards the User for the accuracy and completeness of the content published, and reserves the right to update and/or modify the content of the Website at any time without incurring any liability.

    4.3 Pettenon does not provide any guarantee in relation to the Website, nor to its contents, such as, for example, any guarantee of continuity and assistance, guarantees in the event of interruptions, also due to maintenance or updating activities, or operating or protection errors, also due to possible damaging computer attacks. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable legislation, the User therefore agrees to exonerate Pettenon from any liability, for any reason whatsoever, for any and all possible damages, direct or indirect, that are due to or consequent to the use of the Website – or from the use of any linked websites – such as, for example, in the event of malfunctioning of the Website, error, omission, interruption of service, delayed operation or transmission, defect, line or system malfunction (hardware or software), problems related to providers or telephone and/or telematic connections, viruses or malware and in general damage due to the failure and/or defective operation of the User’s electronic equipment.

    4.4 Pettenon represents to the User, which is therefore aware, that it is totally unrelated to any other websites owned by third parties, to which it is possible to connect through links on the Website, and declines all responsibility for damages of any kind and nature suffered by the User in relation to the management of such sites, their content and the availability for their use.



    5.1 All the contents contained in the Website including but not limited to, logos, trademarks, texts, information, data, images, photographs, illustrations, multimedia contents (graphic, audio and video), descriptions, layouts, software, HTML code and screens including other similar contents (hereinafter collectively “Contents”) are protected by copyright and other intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as by other private rights, related to any contents of the Website, which belong to or are licensed by their respective owners to Pettenon.

    5.2  It is understood that the User may not in any way download, extract, modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell the Content from the Site.

    5.3 The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pettenon from any possible legal action, claim, complaint by third parties and related damages and expenses, including legal ones, arising from or related to any irregular and/or illegal use of the Site and/or its Contents by the User. Any reproductions, however with the prior written authorisation of Pettenon, must be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with copyright and other intellectual property rights.

    5.4 Pettenon reserves the right to take action in the appropriate forums to protect its rights and interests in the event of unauthorised use, reproduction or any other use of the Site or its Contents.


    1. PRIVACY

    6.1 Within the scope of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, Users’ personal data shall be processed by Pettenon, as Data Controller, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and supplements and EU Regulation 2016/679, as indicated in the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.



    7.1 Pettenon reserves the right to revise these General Terms and Conditions of Use, updating and/or modifying them at its sole discretion, at any time and without notice, and therefore invites the User to periodically consult and carefully read the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions of Use before continuing to access or use the Site.

    7.2 Any updates and/or changes to the content of the Site and/or the General Terms and Conditions of Use will be notified to Users on the homepage when they first access the Site and will be binding from the moment they are published on the Site.

    7.3 In the event that any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Use should be annulled or declared null and void or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.



    8.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by Italian law, the application of the so-called Vienna Convention being expressly excluded.

    8.2 If the User is a consumer, any disputes arising from the application, performance and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be settled by the courts of the place where the User resides or has an elected domicile. This is without prejudice to the application to Consumer Users which do not have their habitual residence in Italy of any more favourable and mandatory provisions provided for by the law of the country in which they have their habitual residence.

    8.3 In the event of disputes with Consumer Users for which a negotiated solution cannot be found, Pettenon shall provide information on Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies for out-of-court settlement (so-called ADR bodies, as indicated in Articles 141-bis et seq. of the Consumer Code).

    8.4 Please also note that the European Commission provides a platform for the online resolution of Consumers disputes (the so-called ODR platform), which can be consulted at

    8.5 The User-Consumer residing in a member state of the European Union other than Italy may, in addition, have access to the European Small Claims Procedure established by Council Regulation (EC) No. 861/2007 of 11 July 2007 for all disputes relating to the application, performance and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, provided that the value of the dispute does not exceed EUR 2,000.00, excluding interest, fees and expenses. The text of the regulations can be found at

    8.6 In case of Professional User, any dispute relating to the application, performance and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be settled by the Court of Padua.














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