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Below is a taster of the courses for professionals who have requested to link their salons to Sinesia. Every treatment is carefully designed to enhance the properties of our products and give the customer an immediate feeling of well-being, on both a physical and emotional level. Being a Sinesia salon means professionalism, quality and care.

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  • Biotic Balance Soft Treatment

    Ritual for rebalancing the microbiota.


    Rebalancing regime for fine hair and for skin that is sensitive or has impurities.

  • Biotic Balance Treatment Soft

    Ritual for rebalancing the microbiota.


    Rebalancing regime for medium-thick hair and skin that is sensitive or has impurities.

  • Hydra Remedy Treatment

    Ritual with intensive moisturising action.


    Thirst-quenching treatment perfect for treated and dehydrated hair.

  • Nutri Remedy Treatment

    Ritual with nourishing action.


    Moisturising and taming treatment for dry or frizzy hair.

  • Anti-Ox Treatment

    Ritual with antioxidant and remineralizing action.


    Nourishing and shine-restoring treatment for coloured and bleached hair.

  • Detox Treatment

    Ritual action detoxifying and purifying scalp.


    Sanitising and exfoliating regime, perfect for flaky scalps.

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Face & Neck

Hydra Sense, Nutri Sense, Detoxy sense, Illumina Sense: our treatments are designed to give the skin of the face and neck a new shine thanks to their moisturising, regenerating and purifying action.


Simple Drain, Drop to Drop, Deep Wave, and Slow Motion and Instant Motion: depending on the needs of the skin and the nature of the scalp, Face & Neck and Skin & Hair regimes can be enriched with five massages to multiply the benefits for your customers.

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