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Beauty Cuddles

The Sinesia line for your home beauty routine. Professional treatments in the salon are the backbone of self-care, but sometimes, you simply feel the need to take a moment of peace and relaxation in your own home. Beauty Cuddles is a line of pampering products both for home and salon use, delivering intensive action performed during application time. The irreplaceable dexterity and touch of the salon professional now have an extra ally.

Active ingredients

Vegetal Carbon

Vegetable Carbon derived from bamboo carries out a purifying action on the face and a sanitising action on scalp, controlling and preventing skin anomalies.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter and cocoa extract, elements rich in polyphenols, theobromine, caffeine and tannins, bestow emollience and elasticity, with an action that is both energising and antioxidant.


Konjac root, originally from Asia and rich in minerals, increases its volume up to 200 times when in contact with water for an instant moisturising and replumping effect.

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