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Waterless Beauty

The Sinesia line inspired by total sustainability. Taking care of the planet we live on means taking care of ourselves: Hence responding to the need and challenge to reduce the volume of our packaging and use as little water as possible in manufacturing our products. The result? A line of dry powder formulations that not only reduces the volume in transport and therefore emissions as well, but also guarantees a greater number of applications. We support sustainable beauty.

Active ingredients

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil ensures moisturising and nourishing action. Effective against skin and capillary dehydration, it also nourishes the hair bulb, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of reinforcing treatments.

Citrus acids

Citrus acids exert a slight antiseptic action on the scalp and have a polishing effect on hair, for a final result that will greatly improve the appearance of the hair.

Ginseng root

Ginseng, the ancient Asian root with extraordinary energising properties strengthens and stimulates the skin's microcirculation, bestowing beauty and well-being on hair, while preventing weakening and breakage.

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