The instruments with which we want to realise our manifesto are the values on which we have decided to base Sinesia and from which we constantly draw inspiration. Like the name “Sinesia” itself, a term with a fascinating and changing meaning that adapts and is in a constant state of becoming. Because our values are solid, but they can adapt to time’s winding road.

From the Greek word “Synesis”, which indicates continuous understanding, the constant desire to put yourself out there to grasp the nuances of the reality that surrounds us.
A term that indicates intelligence and an inclination towards the other. A soft and sinuous melody.


Synaesthetic polysensoriality

The immersive multisensory experience, involving touch, smell, sight and hearing. But also balance, centring, relaxation and perception of the “here and now”. The product and the treatment convey individual psychophysical well-being.


The scalp is the soil on which hair grows. The skin of the face is the continuation of the scalp, a unique and integrated biosystem. SINESIA mixes haircare and skincare, to take care of the head in its entirety.

GreenRich Beauty

Green awareness and functional power combine to guarantee sensoriality, safety and effectiveness. For this reason, we produce formulations rich in functional ingredients based on ingredients of natural origin, free from raw materials that are harmful or polluting to the planet.

My time. My luxury.

Time cannot be bought or sold, making it synonymous with luxury. Time and how we experience it, sometimes slow, often at double speed. Based on my available time. This is why the Sinesia system enables us to experience the time we dedicate to beauty as time for authenticity and freedom.


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