Honey Shampoo

Illuminating toning shampoo


Cleanses, tones and refreshes golden reflections, with natural warm effects

Recommended for

For natural, colored or bleached hair

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Colorvis Complex

  • 90% natural ingredients
  • 90% biodegradability

Wear appropriate gloves and apply on wet hair, leave on for 1 to 5 minutes, emulsify and rinse. Repeat the application if necessary.

Wellness Tips

Physical and mental well-being we are convinced go hand in hand. We at Sinesia consider each person as a wonderful universe tied by invisible lines and bridges and that is why, in addition to the treatments to improve the skin of your face and neck and your hair, We want to give you some advice to take care of your mental well- being. Meditation pills, Lifebalance tips, solutions for proper nutrition and facial gymnastics exercises: this and much more in our Wellness section.

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