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Super Drops

The Sinesia line for total personalisation Each of us is different, with our own desires and needs. The Super Drops line is designed to deliver a tailor-made, 360° service. Super concentrated products – which is why they are applied drops – designed to be used on their own, on the face as beauty serums or on the hair as perfecting fluids, or blended with creams or masks to strengthen their specific action. A premium, across-the-board treat compatible with all treatments.

Active ingredients

Alpha hydroxy acids

The blend of fruit alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) - mandelic, glycolic and malic - gently exfoliates the face and scalp, smoothing, lightening and attenuating imperfections and impurities.

Patawa Oil

Patawa Oil, the power of the Amazon, is a concentrate of plant proteins and Omega 9 that delivers strength and hydration to fragile, flyaway hair.

Vitamins B,C & E

The complex of vitamins B, C, E has an intense antioxidant, protective and emollient action and is therefore perfect for leaving skin soft and bright and strengthening hair.

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