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Biotic Formulas

The Sinesia line dedicated to preserving the microbiome. Science teaches us that skin and hair can only be healthy if the microbiota – the population of microorganisms that lives on our skin or scalp – is as well. Daily stress, rushed meals, pollution or the use of aggressive cosmetics put the balance of our microbiome in constant danger. The Biotic Formulas line offers a full range of pre- and post-biotic treatments to care for dry and sensitive skin, tackle the build-up of impurities and restore the normal balance of our microbiota.

Active ingredients

Salvia Officinalis

Salvia Officinalis Callus Lysate, produced using biotechnologies, is high in rosmarinic acid and carries out a purifying action that respects and protects the microbial environment of the skin.


Erythritol (Ecocert), sugar obtained by biofermentation locks water inside the hair shaft, helping to improve combability and silkiness, with immediate and visible results.

Oat water

Fermented oat water, naturally rich in antioxidant and amino acid elements, has protective, softening and smoothing properties that can improve the silkiness and softness of the skin.

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