The luxury of

MIND: the mind as a place of perception, balance and well-being.
TIME: time as a new, contemporary luxury. The necessary dimension for taking care of oneself, living in the present.

“Mind the Time” sums up everything we believe in. Take care of your time, make it high quality: it is the most precious asset you have and the only one you can neither stop nor get back.

in the center

Those who consider them separate entities are making a serious mistake: the face, scalp and hair make up a unique, interconnected system. The head, home of the mind, is in fact the site of our emotional processing, our focus and the maintenance of our well-being.

We want to take care of our heads, as the focus and command centre of our psychological and physical well-being.

La Testa al centro-icona

Instinct, emotion and reason in balance

According to MacLean, each of us has three brains that, working on different levels and in different situations, combine to create our characters. The reptilian brain, limbic brain and neocortex: they activate the different areas of instinct, emotion and reason.

Sinesia aims to restore the balance between these three levels through a holistic approach that takes into account the characteristics of each of them: the head takes centre stage, both aesthetically and in terms of psychological and emotional well-being.

We achieve this through the correct combination of products, gestures, massages and practices designed to achieve and maintain this pleasant balance.

Sinesia’s DNA

Our manifesto, our values and the certifications we have obtained for our products. Our DNA.

The Manifesto

The pillars on which our approach is based

Our Values

Because our approach is truly different


Truly sustainable


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