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We are always looking for genuine professionals to entrust our products and reveal the secrets of our exclusive treatments to. By joining our network, you will become part of the Sinesia world and gain access a wide range of materials, including tutorials on face, neck, skin and hair treatments, as well as the most effective massages to complement each one. Give your customers an experience of pure and unforgettable well-being.

Our Treatments

The synergy between ultra-sensory textures, functional active ingredients, enveloping fragrances, gestures and touch creates unique experiences and visible results.

These are the treatments that we offer to our professionals, so that their customers can experience moments of pure relaxation. Join the Sinesia world.

Face & Neck

Hydra Sense, Nutri Sense, Detoxy sense, Illumina Sense: our treatments are designed to give the skin of the face and neck a new shine thanks to their moisturising, regenerating and purifying action.

Skin & Hair

Six treatments for scalp and hair care: the products and correct application methods for a result that will leave your customers with a renewed feeling of well-being.


Simple Drain, Drop to Drop, Deep Wave, and Slow Motion and Instant Motion: depending on the needs of the skin and the nature of the scalp, Face & Neck and Skin & Hair regimes can be enriched with five massages to multiply the benefits for your customers.

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