Slow Motion

Take a Nap

The Sinesia line inspired by chronocosmetics. There are times, like during the night, when the skin and scalp are more receptive to creams and treatments. Take a Nap follows circadian rhythms to obtain the best possible benefits from the cosmetic products. In line with the action of our biological clock that regulates hormone levels, metabolism and sleep, our organism has a greater ability to drain fluids and get rid of toxins: what better time to enjoy a moment of relaxation with evening detox action?

Active ingredients

Lespedeza Capitata

Lespedeza Capitata, a typical plant from South Korea that is rich in glycosylated flavonoids, deeply moisturises skin and re-syncs its circadian rhythm.

Birch Sap

Birch Sap, a fluid derived from the tree's bark, has detoxifying and purifying properties. Applied to and massaged into the scalp, it also helps control seasonal hair loss.

Shea & Karitè Butter

Shea & Karitè Butter gives skin and hair the right intake in terms of nourishment, emollience and hydration, also encouraging the repair, protection and silkiness of the skin

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